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1 June, 2015 10:03
01/06/2015, 10:03 am
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Hope this finds you well. Just a very short note this time as we are at our first month’s end, and as you may imagine life is very busy here.

We have the usual favourites to offer including plenty of UK choices – Asparagus, spring greens, potatoes, beetroot, salad onions, some sprouted seeds from Devon, and Pak Choi again sourced from the UK . Also, this time the Ramiro peppers are from the UK ! J

I mustn’t forget to mention our ever-popular Crooked End Salad mix which is really taking off this week, with lots of new growth in the fields and even more seedlings getting ready to leave the nursery. Our new runner bean plants are starting to look good and we will keep you posted on their progress.

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Crooked End Product list
18/01/2015, 9:25 pm
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An interesting week at Crooked End with the snowfall, but the way it changes the landscape and the fun that can be had makes up for the inconveniences it can throw our way – particularly as Doris the dog thought that it was quite simply the most amazing thing ever.

Just a quick final mention of our supper club next Saturday the 24th, some spaces are still available and it would be great to see you there. Click here for details or give us a call.

This week marks a new arrival on our product list, a selection of three lovely soft unpasteurised goat’s cheeses from Greenlands Goats. The cheese is available in plain, garlic (my favourite), and herb. It’s very tasty stuff and I would strongly recommend giving it a go.

On that note, I thought that this week I would highlight some of the excellent non-veg/fruit products that we have, particularly as in recent months some of our suppliers of changed.

We get some excellent coffee from the Method Roastery, they do their roasting at the nest Hop Pocket between Ledbury and Bromyard and are a great new coffee business that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with. They put a lot of work into sourcing the best and most ethical beans and I have been a convert since I first came across at the Ledbury Poetry Festival last year.

On the honey front we have Howletts Honey as our previous supplier retired. So whilst we have lost one supplier, we have gained another producer that supplies a top quality and very tasty product.

Last, but by no means least, is Jess’ Ladies, our organic cow’s milk and cream supplier. I think it would be extremely hard to find better quality milk and cream anywhere and the best thing I can say is that everyone who stays on the farm has it every morning and many a volunteer has commented on how tasty it is.

Well, that’s it for this week – lovely fruit and veg is of course as available as ever and of highest quality.

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Tis the season !
03/12/2014, 4:36 pm
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All is well at Crooked End, we have just got a fresh batch of our own lamb in, and can sell it by the half lamb at £9.95/kg – it is a very economical way of getting what I believe is a great product. Please email or call me for more details.

Please find attached the price list for this week – and contact me asap regarding any orders for Christmas and Ally will be able to give you prices on the various birds that you want. I know we have a few organic 4/5kg turkeys ordered so if that sounds of interest then let me know. We can of course also get Free Range turkeys and geese but these need to be ordered very soon.

Well, I hope I’m not coming across as too much of a nag, just don’t want to disappoint anyone!

One last thing: venison is available this week, prices are at the end of the product list. Don’t have all the cuts that could potentially be available, so please contact me if there is anything specific that you would like and will see what can be done.

Product list December 1st 2014.doc

Forest Food Showcase Aftermath !
13/10/2014, 9:43 am
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We had a great time at the Forest Food Showcase, always fun to meet our customers away from deliveries or the farm shop.

Only 2 weeks now until The Lambing Shed @ Crooked End has its first supper club (25/10/14). Spaces are filling up fast, so book now if you’d like to have some superbly cooked Forest of Dean Game .

Onto the veg. Have got some butterhead lettuce in this week in attempt to put off the reality that Autumn is upon us.
Also new this week: Crooked End Pears, a variety of local squashes (Crown Prince, Golden Hubbard, Green Hokkaido, Turks Turban and Uchi Kuri to name a few). I really would advise giving any of these a go.

25/08/2014, 8:02 am
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I hope that this email finds you well. All is well at Crooked End Farm at
the moment, Doris is truly settled in as are Ally and I. Still lots of work
to be done and we would like to try and meet as many of you as we can over
the coming months. We finally feel like we are running the place and even
though surprises continue to be thrown at us, we know we are capable of
coping with them – is this tempting fate? I will shut up on this now.

New this week:
Victoria plums – the most famous of the plums and its local (from
Leeks – had them before, of course, but now they’re from just down the road
Chilli peppers – from Spain, a bit of heat in my food sounds good with this
Autumnal weather
Savoy cabbage – keeping with Autumnal weather theme, we thought it a good
idea to get this lovely cabbage – just add butter, pepper and salt and
you’ll feel warmed immediately

Hope to see you on deliveries or in the shop.

Product list August 25th 2014.doc

Accidents and Emergency
14/07/2014, 5:39 pm
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It has been all go at Crooked End as we are currently (wo)man down.
Unfortunately our chief veg grower Laura had a rather unfortunate accident
and has broken her wrist. Off to hospital to get a proper cast on it today
and I’m sure we are all hoping for a speedy recovery so that we can have a
return to speedy picking and weeding.

New veggies this week: the pointed cabbage – moving from summer greens onto
a rather meatier version of the lovely cabbage
That’s all that’s new for this week, but I will add that our salad bags are
particularly good and have recently been shortlisted for an Organic Award
from the Soil Association, so fingers crossed.

We’re going to the Ledbury Poetry Festival tomorrow and Ally is preparing
some lovely Crooked End pulled pork, some quiches and we’ll see if there is
time to knock together any other tasty treats by the end of the day. The
pulled pork alone should be worth a visit to our stall so feel free to stop
by if you’re in the area.

Product list July 14th 2014.doc

June ? Enough already !
29/06/2014, 8:53 am
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The veggies have been enjoying the change in
weather even if we have been somewhat less than keen on it.

Having said last week that we won’t be doing beetroot anymore, I was wrong!
The wait for our own new season bunched beetroot with its lovely root and
delighful leaves – the veggie so nice you use it twice – is over more
quickly than I thought. We are quite limited on numbers, so make sure you
order early to avoid missing out, and enjoy cooking the leaves!

Other new arrivals:

Chard – After a brief respite our chard is back, this time grown outside
which is quite exciting for us here
Fennel (with tops) – From the UK. Arguably the strongest flavoured veg of
all and great as you can use the tops as a herb and the root as a main
Spring Onions – this will hopefully mark the beginning of a good
relationship with some other organic veg growers from the other end of
Ruardean – we are no longer the only one in the village. Please forgive the
Little Britain reference
Red Bell Pepper – from the UK and a classic for those summer and
Mediterranean dishes.

Aside from that, I thought I would take the opportunity this week to mention
that we are able to supply more than vegetables. They will always remain,
along with our lamb and eggs, the core of our box scheme, but we can also
provide a range of staples. Avoid the supermarket and see what we have!

I won’t list everything here, that would be rather tedious, but as a brief
selection we can offer: canned beans, nuts, a range of flours, Ecover
products and much more. There are also the freezer fillers and freshly
cooked/prepared dishes that we can do. Ally is doing a lovely lemon polenta
cake and the tension is building as we await Ally’s new offerings on the
freshly cooked/frozen meals and side dishes. Watch this space!

All the best,


Product list June 30th 2014.doc